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Recess 101

Here at Nimitz we are very fortunate to have coaches working with our students in our recess 101 program.

Recess 101 is a school base recess solution that provides services, support and education to enrich the overall quality of the school day experience for students and educators by providing the ultimate recess environment that embraces a safe, healthy, and fun-petitive playground interaction.  We at Recess 101 believe recess is an opportunity for students not only to participate in physical activity but also learn about and build their character, develop cooperation skills, and practice their social interaction skills.  Therefore, recess is an equally important part of the instructional day.  With over 15 years experience in youth development, education, and physical health, our programs and services will create a welcoming, supportive, healthy and enriching school environment that inspires change not only on the recess yard but also inside the classrooms.